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MPO's Original; Large Weekly / Monthly Pill Box

Patented Removable Pill Cups; The One and Only !

Veteran Owned  Company

Easy to Remove Cups are Sealed when The Pill Box is Closed.

New for 2010; Stronger, Thicker Cups!

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All Kits: Labels Included (Label the Lid or the Cups) to mark 'pill time'.

' The Ultimate Pill Box '

Each Case Holds 28 Large Removable Cups 

(Simply put two or three fingers in a cup to slide it out, no snaps, caps or tweezers needed to get to your pills. )

One of the main design features of this system was to function with limited dexterity.

It is a visual reminder system with Easy Access to help ensure compliance

Item #2103 shown above is our best value.
Includes Labels, Medication Log, Sturdy Case and 28 Removable Cups.

Each Cup Holds up to 4 oz and they are designed for Easy Access. Once the lid is closed, the cups are sealed.
100% Made in the USA using FDA approved materials that are recyclable.

No matter how many pills you take, this visual system keeps you on track.

Developed and designed for Easy Access, you'll agree that this functional and sturdy Pill Box is the best one you have ever had.


Label the Case or the Cups!

Medication Adherence Made Easy:
Load The Cups,
Label The Box,
Load The Box and Go !
(This Box is being set up for use as a Weekly Pill Box / 4 Times per day Medication and Supplement Pill Box... Loaded up on Sunday afternoon and good for the week.)
Extra Labels, Click here to Buy from Amazon

All Pill Boxes Come with a Free Medication Log Sheet 


MPO manufacturers the most versatile Pill Organizers (Pill Boxes) on the market today.

Large, Reusable, Washable, Recyclable Cups

Solid 28 Compartment Case Seals Cups when Lid Closes

  • Patented Removable Cups Designed for Easy Access

Clear Case, Removable Cups, Easy to Use Labels 

"The Ultimate Pill Box"



  To Contact Us; Toll Free 877-536-7676

"The Ultimate Pill Box"

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